#Twitter Tips & Tricks to keep Your #followers engaged :-)


Here a shortlink, in case you want to #share this cool post : http://wp.me/p43cEh-nl :-)
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Please #RT & #fav this very important message right here • Please click here • THX :-)Please click here, to #RT this post !Please #RT & #fav this very important message right here • Please click here • THX :-)

Before starting, 1 question please : “Do you want more twitter #followers for free?”

In this case I just like to recommend the TWITTER COUNTER to you. It’s a #free app, and you can check it out by clicking the little picture beneath. I do not get anything for it. I found it helpful for me, so I just thougt, to #share this info with you. That’s all :-)

Get your #free twitter counter here !

Now to the article, to learn a few more important things, about “how” to use twitter :-)

With more than 500 million #tweets being sent on a typical day, and 115 million active Twitter users every month, your tweets could easily be buried under the pile • So how
can you make sure your account doesn’t go unnoticed? • Here are 10 easy to #follow
tips, to improve your Twitter engagement by getting more retweets, and mentions! :-)

I want you to get the original arcticle, by twitter counter. Click the pic beneath to get it : 59

Do you use twitter lists aready? • They are so important • Learn all obout it • Click Here !


Please note : Never follow / unfollow more than 95 people per day. If you do, you are in danger to get your #twitter #account suspended, for a so-called agressive following ! Happened to me a few times not just once, for I become too greedy. Just don’t do it :-)

Since I follow this rule above, I have never ben suspended again, and I have meanwhile 22,847 followers, as of today (Friday, August 29, 2014). more about this • Click Here !

Now I want to show you, how to set-up your twitter profile professional, click the pic :-)



Just see the supercool #twitter blog of my wife, with very detailled tips & infos, all free :MY WIFE'S HOT #TWITTER INFO BLOG - PLEASE CLICK HERE !

Please note: This is a brandnew #blog, and all the other subpages are not completed yet. Just to let you know. I work on it, as I find time, but it is a lot of work, and no one pays me, for all this work. So just understand it, and have patience with me in this. Will all be done, but takes a little bit of time. Hope I could help, looking forwards for all your cool and positive #feedback here :-)

Do it : Now hit the like button, and consider, if you leave a short comment, it is for your own benefit too, because it will show up in your #rankings, in other social networks :-)

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