Empire Avenue : Successful Investing :-)

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Before I start, I want to share this, it is another very great blog, about investing on empire avenue, that I can only recommend to you. See here : http://eavdailytips.wordpress.com/


If you are #new to empire avenue, please click the picture beneath, for this article :The #EmpireAvenue Experience - Empire Avenue explained :-)

One thing is very strange for me on #EmpireAvenue. Very many people there, go by one strange investment philosophy, that doesn’t make any sene to me. It goes kind of like this : “I only buy more shares from you, if you buy back shares from me !” – Real weird !

A pretty good #EmpireAvenue account find here !Most of the time these “people” even have very bad stocks, that have often a very bad dividend, or a dividend that yields no real profit, for their share prices are just too high. If you do not buy shares from them, they even sell your shares, even if they have a very good dividend, with a lot of profit …..

In the real world people world people would be very irritated, if you would act like this. Just imagine someone goes to a baker, to buy bread, and says : “I only buy your bread, if you buy something from me.” What would the baker say ? In the best case he might even ask you what it is that you have to sell. And when he finds out, that it is someting much less valuable than his bread, he will most likely not do it.:-)

A pretty good #EmpireAvenue account find here :-) Or imagine, you’d go to the nearest stockmarket, and you tell the broker : “I only buy stocks from u, if you buy back some of my stocks from me.”

Most brokers will most likely tell you : “Well then don’t buy any stocks from me, have a nice day.” At the best:-)

He might even be less friendly too:-)

Some might even ask you what kind of stocks you have to offer, but if they see that your stocks are much less valuable than his, then he might even think you want to fraud him, even if you did it all in ignoramce …

“This is not, how I buy stocks.” I only buy stocks that are good, and that bring me a good profit, so I can invest more, to make even more profit !!! • I can’t make a profit when I buy unlucrative stocks. Some people take this very personal, but it is actually not personal at all, it’s rather very rational, and there is nothing wrong with being rational. Or am I wrong ?

A pretty good #EmpireAvenue account find here ! If a stock is good, and yields a good profit, no one has to ask me to buy it.

I’ll do it very fast, and all on my own, because it is in my own interest, to buy stocks that yield a good profit !!

And you should do that too. Please consider all this, for a moment !:-)

By the way, my own shares on #EmpireAvenue are still at a pretty low price, and yet they are yielding a steady rising profit. Have a look, make the math, and you’ll know what to do. At least, I hope so!:-)

Just click this picture beneath, to get to my own #EmpireAvenue profile, and see yourself :000About the picture above : It was taken in our house in Ghana, when I just had malaria, and in the background you can see Gloria. For some reason I just like it, for it has memories !

If you need some practical assistance, to be more successful with your own dividends, or just want to be a real #winner on #EmpireAvenue, please click the following link and learn.


#EMPIREAVENUE VERSUS  #WALLSTREET – “ARE YOU A WINNER?” CLICK THE PIC#EMPIREAVENUE VERSUS  #WALLSTREET - "ARE YOU A WINNER ?"If you want to be, or to become a #winner on #EmpireAvenue, click this picture above:-)

It’s all up to you. It is very easy, very simple, and easy to learn, to : To be a #winner on EA.

Great month, year, or even better: “Why don’t you just have a great and wonderful life ?:-)
Yes, I like this much more, and it also makes more sense ! – “Don’t you think so too ?”:-)

Greetings from Berlin,:-) Steffen & Gloria:-)

See also my new and superhot #EmpireAvenue blogpost, and be very much surprised ::-)

.:-):-) The Number One Mistake That Most People Make On EmpireAvenue !:-):-)The Number ONE Mistake, That Most People Do On Empire Avenue :-)There is no need to follow the mistakes of others, or of all those that are just unteachable !

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12 thoughts on “Empire Avenue : Successful Investing :-)

    • Thx a lot Zbynek, I just had a look at it. Very good, but also heavy duty stuff. Will take a while to settle in my mind. I think about where to add this to my blog. You may link my #EmporeAvenue page on your blog too ? – Have a great weekend:-)

  1. A very engaging post. It seems to me that a lot of people approach #EmpireAvenue with very little strategy except to “advance” by buying others stocks and hoping that they’d buy yours, or like you said, practically demanding that they buy yours. That’s really the way that I started, but I’m very grateful that I’ve “happened” upon you and your guidance. It’s very kind of you to offer this!

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